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Our Chefs table sits 12 guests per night, serves over 10 courses and rotates every 45 days. The pairings, free of charge and donated by the Chefs, go from wine, to craft beers, to spirits like...+ More

  • Prepaid reservation for 1-12 guests
  • $97 per person
2 guests
Aug 15, 2017
Restaurant Mixtli reservations are no longer available for Aug 15

Restaurant Mixtli

San Antonio, Texas

To define Mexican cuisine is impossible. Mexico is as diverse as it is vast. Within its borders lie rocky mountains, humid jungles, arid deserts, and endless coasts: a stark diversity that forced each region to develop uniquely rich cultural and culinary histories.

Like clouds, our menu travels from place to place every 45 days, offering a tour in Mexican gastronomy. We travel to the various regions and states of Mexico in each one of our dishes. If the state has a border with the ocean, we...
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